Manifesto (a work in progress)

My intentions for my time:

Be observant, optimistic, open. Laugh. A lot.

Ask for help and be a grateful, artful receiver. Become part of a community in a meaningful, contributory way. Take every opportunity that won’t hurt the ones I love (including myself; including my psychological and emotional states).

Do not be scared of financial struggle. Be frugal, be smart, be educated, be willing to fall back on Plans C through K, if Plans A and B fail.

Seek out the stories that make the world a small one: a connected, intimate place. Share the stories. Turn the stories into pieces of a manifesto.

Add something intriguing, surprising, truthful, tasteful, illuminating, inspiring, or comic – for any amount of time in any place for viewing by many or none. Follow the Lupine Lady’s advice: do something to make the world more beautiful.

For gods’ sakes, talk to people. Cook dinner and play music with them. Make art, make conversation, keep in touch. And find moments of solitude. Get out of bed each morning and go outside. I know that makes me happy. I know I am lucky to know one thing that will always make me happy.

Learn from past mistakes – especially my own. Don’t be stupid, even if it is the easy thing to do, even if it seems the lesser of two evils. It will not be. Trust me. Trust yourself. Remember the guilt.

Remember that the balance persists. Expect the yellow when the purple grows too saturated. Know this is out of my control.

To be in the moment is the only truth we can trust. Now is now is now is now is…

…But I would rather have my memories be false in the way that I have recollected them so many times – loved them too much for their own good – into the blurred half experience half dream state of self-defining things. There is where I would rather be in the past, but I’d rather be here now. Lovely, not to miss anything because it is all happening.